IT Consulting at Oriences

Data warehouse (DWH), Business Intelligence (BI)
Oriences Technology Services clients can benefit from our Data Warehouse (DWH) and Business Intelligence (BI) services and several years of local and international experience. Our colleagues have designed and implemented DWH/BI systems and provided consulting services as well as training in different sectors of the economy (i.e. government, bank, insurance, telecommunication, FMCG, training and services).

Oriences Technology Services can plan, manage, design, develop and implement your project. We can complete the entire project for you or work jointly with your staff. All our projects involve knowledge transfer with both your business and IT personnel involved in the project. If you need advisory services, we provide an objective, experienced viewpoint regardless of your stage in the project life-cycle. Based on our experience, our recommendations will suggest improvements, take corrective actions if called for, and in the long-run, increase the return on investment for your data warehousing and BI projects.

Our professional support includes both IT support and project management services:

1. IT project consultancy

2. Development of IT strategies and concepts

3. Preparing functional specifications

4. Quality assurance

5. Risk analysis

6. Preparing decision support documentation

7. Preparing managerial reports

8. Project management services

9. Application of established project management methods

10. Preparation of project plans

11. Resource organisation and administration

12. Developments coordination

13. Successful project implementation within time and cost frames