Top Reasons To Choose A Career In Digital Marketing

We all know the world is at a click today.  Anything you want is now easily available just with a click, at your door step. Digital marketing has now made the world a huge market for the sellers. Its tremendous growth has given rise to the increasing demand for Digital marketers.

Digital marketing industry is already worth $68 billion and is booming high with almost 40% growth rate. With a penetration rate of 34.5%, India is world’s second most internet-surfing country and this trend is estimated to grow exponentially.

Making a career in digital marketing is nothing like a Mar’s mission. It is very easy to enter the field of digital marketing & have a bright career. Here one need not be a highly qualified professional but anyone from any field can easily enter this field.

Why choose Digital marketing as career?

  • No Pre-skills:

One need not be highly qualified to make a digital marketing career. Basic internet knowledge and creative mind-set is enough to have a grasp in digital marketing. Anybody with an interest in this field can start and build a career.


  • Independent Sector:

Wherever you go, same basic skills would be utilized. Be it any sector, any company, any business, any place of the world, same basic skill-sets by digital marketer would be tested.


  • High demand:

Digital marketers are highly in demand across the globe. As the rate of digitalisation is going high, the need of digital marketers is increasing. With the growth of technology and smartphones, this has become amongst the few professions that is highly in demand & trending.


  • Salaries:

As we already know the demand for Digital marketing professionals is increasing and the supply is not yet enough to fulfil this demand. Digital marketers who are eligible to produce fruitful results to the companies are highly in demand and thus paid high. Here your skills, expertise and output would be the only independent variable considered to determine your salary.


How it differs from Traditional marketing?

  • Trackable and Measureable

Every penny invested could be tracked in terms of returns generated. Digital marketing is a field that helps marketer in real time tracking of the campaigns. Facts & figures could be easily generated to know in which direction one is heading.

  • Less investment:

One need not worry about the investment in digital marketing. It is the cheapest form of media available on the planet today. One can invest as per their budget, the budget could be raised or lowered depending on the effectiveness of the campaign.

  • Market size and segment:

Whole World is market for the digital marketers. One can target the market globally. Market size has never been the limit for digital marketing. Through proper channel, a marketer can grab the attention of customer not only in segmented region but to whomsoever it wants to reach.


 Skills required to build a career in Digital marketing:

  • Creative

One has to have a creative mind-set. In this field, what new one can do and how one can attract a large size of targeted customer is the most important aspect. One need to produce fruitful results through their creative thinking.


  • Easy to understand:

The beauty of digital marketing lies in its simplicity. The tools and their implementation are really easy for one to understand and use for running the ad campaigns.


  • Implement & experiment:

Marketer has to be always ready for some trial and error part too. One need to carry on few experiments, implement them and be ready for outcomes. Experimenting with the digital media campaigns is possible as opposed to traditional marketing. This is known as A/B testing in the language of digital marketing. Here one need not have much, just the basic knowledge of digital media channels and related tools are enough.


Career Opportunities:

Digital marketing is now becoming a main stream not only in India but throughout the world. There are many opportunities available like one can work as freelancer or a consultant instead of opting for a full time job. One can also develop skills to become an entrepreneur who would help other business to outsource their digital marketing. It’s good to get some exposure of working in digital marketing companies or agencies where you would get to manage clients across multiple sectors.


Digital marketing is still an untapped profession in India. Indian companies are now moving from traditional marketing to digital marketing. Very soon, Digital marketers are already playing an important role in running the business. Now make a choice, in fact, a right choice to choose your career in digital marketing.


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