Skill Set required to be a successful digital marketer.

While looking for a job in marketing it is very important to market yourself first. Here your eligibility criteria, is not your academic performance but your skill set. Try to show you skill set irrespective of where you have applied it, not necessarily work place but some voluntary activities or projects. The more you decorate your skill set and present, the more interviewer get to learn about you.

Analytical Knowledge:

This includes knowing your products and the customer to be targeted. It also includes the ability to understands the facts and figures, not only this but one must have hands on written and verbal communication

Writing ability:

As we know the strongest tool of marketer is one’s writing ability and in digital marketing your words play a strong impact on your customer. On needs to focus on target customer and then write according to the target audiences. Need to understand the difference between effects & affects, know how to punctuate rightly


How can something be done differently. There are ways & means in which things are carried out but it’s the creativity of the marketer, on how differently one represents it to the consumers. Whatever is represented must be easily understood by the target market. Right information without any miss conception must be interpreted by the consumer.

Team playing:

Though it is a creative field one cannot work all alone. One has to demonstrate ability to knuckle down with colleagues.

Technical skills:

One need not to be an IT profession to make it to marketing but one has to be an expert in technical stuff required by digital marketer.

Ambition to succeed:

Your drive will be the key ingredient to motivate you to get into marketing. Your ambition is also a part of your skills.

Establish your CV in a format that would be easily interpreted by the reader and would help one get complete information about you. Here your CV represents you, it would help you create your first impression.

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