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Digital Marketing has been present in the world since the time we started to invent electronic devices to transfer messages, information and broadcast news. Radio, Television and various other electronic devices have brought in the concept of Digital Marketing right into our daily lives.

Since the mid 80’s, with the advent of the Internet, Digital Marketing has grown exponentially. The ease of doing business, the ever increasing popularity of the Web, the ever strengthening architecture, the improvisation of Algorithms and the growth of technology has helped Digital Marketing to be the most common form of Marketing.

The number of people spending time online has been increasing at a fast rate and the average time being spent online is also increasing swiftly thanks to various assets like websites, Blogs, eBooks, Social Media, Online advertisements and the like.

The world of Digital Marketing, therefore, is evolving faster day by day to cope up with the usage of many advanced techniques like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media marketing, Email Marketing, Pay per Click, Content marketing and various other such tactics.

This has been very helpful to the Organizations employing Digital Marketing techniques as they are able to get accurate results. Ex: we can calculate the number of times a video has been viewed in YouTube but can never correctly calculate the number of people who have seen our article in the newspaper.

Digital Marketing has not only helped with proper results but also has ensured Organization get these results in Real time by various tools like Lead generation and Website Traffic.

Marketing of products or brands now a day’s doesn’t follow that old rule book as we are in the digital age.  Promotion of brands through ever evolving digital media & social media has become an easier way to reach target consumers. Use of social media has increased the value of relationship between a brand and its customers as it generates interest in its services & products through feedback and reviews. Consumers can get details and information about the brand they are interested as they are being advertised directly.

Something which keeps us ahead in the present day competition is keeping upto date with important upcoming launches where announcements also play an important part. If DM is a prototype of a labyrinth then a DM expert plays the character of a path finder.



We at Oriences Technology Services,providing all in one Digital Marketing Services – right from Web Designing , SEO – Search Engine Optimization , Custom/ E-commerce Website and Portal Designing, Online Marketing and SEM – Search Engine Marketing to Flash Designing, Logo Designing, Web Hosting and PPC – Pay Per Click , all leading to thrilling results for your brand.

We are a team of highly qualified and experiences professionals who have created, built and promoted brands for various clients. The best part is that the best of our services are also available at the best of rates to fit into your pocket easily. Just as essential the offline world is for your brand, the online world too has a magic of its own. Perhaps that’ the reason why our clients trust in us and count on us.

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