Essential Tools for SEO

As the trend for digital marketing is growing the companies too are competing to get the top ranking position on search engine.  To achieve this the company or business needs to have a strong SEO done. So to compete for this the SEO specialist needs to have few tools at their fingertips which can help one to get fast results, save time, explore new opportunities & to keep a track on how SEO could be boosted. Utilization of this tools isn’t just important for SEO specialist but is essential for Director of Search for a multi-national business, digital marketing manager, working as an account manager in the digital marketing agency, owner of an SME & also to those who run their own personal blogs.

There is a number of tools available but one needs to categorize them as per their need & requirements.

Now let’s drill down on what could be essential tools that can add value to SEO.


  1. Keyword Analysis Tool:

“Without keywords, there is no such thing as SEO” Stated Brain Dean

As we know keywords act as a guide to a search engine to direct it to user’s site. How popular your site greatly depends on the utilization of keywords. Now over the past 5 years or so, accomplishing powerful Keyword Analysis and Research has come to be an increasingly more tough way thanks to Google AdWords’ Keyword Planner “hiding” facts. However, it’s a pivotal approach to finding hidden opportunities, increasing the visitors flowing to your website and of direction displaying off that all-critical brilliant new content material you create.

All these tools are great for providing with data that could be utilized for various reasons like interpretation & for further improvements.

But if you want to find out a little bit more about the keywords posted, the mistakes etc. there are many tools for this. This tool helps you make a strong base for your keyword research. Now here all tools available are not free but many of them are available for free & can help you built strong SEO.


  1. Ranking Tool:

Knowing where your web site presently ranks is likewise exceedingly essential. It lets in you to know which of your online advertising techniques are operating satisfactory, letting you focus on comparable effective campaigns & one can put more efforts into it, maximizing ROI and seeing your traffic (with a bit of luck) skyrocket through the roof.

There are tools which help you know your ranking without spending hours & hours of monotonous energy in searching page after page.

Ranking tools help you know your present rank on a search engine which would also help you know what steps need to be taken to improve this ranks, not only this it also tells you about the ranks of keywords used by one. This tools too are available for free & also paid tools are available.


  1. Content Effectiveness Tool:

SEO ranking revolves around the content. A good content plays a great impact on the reader which adds value to the website.  Coming up with new & unique ideas on regular basis is incredibly hard, but then this not only helps to keep the customer or the reader of the page engaged but also helps in optimization of a search engine.

Daily coming up with new ideas is not that easy & feasible, here tools can play the role of helping hand to the writer by providing them new ideas & optimizing the present content.

Content helps one to get traffic to their page. The stronger the content the more traffic it will divert & more the traffic higher would be the ranking. So all this is linked to each other. Tools available are quite user-friendly, all one has to do here is to put up the keywords or the title referring to the content which has to be written & these tools will help you out with various results in form of ideas, high rated keywords, few previous articles or the past content. Using such tool helps one get ideas to build up a good content.


  1. Link Building Tools:

Though Google says that one should not be link building but still it stands one of the most important factors for ranking on search engine. Methods of hyperlink constructing within have been exceedingly manipulative, however, using different tricks of writing content on different sites is best used to all concerned. Provided the content is strong sufficient, one gets a few cute new content for their web page, the opposite gets to elevate attention in their web page or come to be a piece extra of an expert on a subject count.

Links are Google’s #1 ranking factor as they point to greater content and even transfer trust, it’s through links that Google discovers one’s website.

But all links are not same, they differ in

–              A number of domain roots, domains, subdomains, linking pages.

–              Type of link (Do Follow, No Follow, Javascripts, Frames..etc.,)

–              Keywords used

–              Linking Risk

A link can also be good or bad depending on the industry, the country, the language and the keywords. Unfortunately, there is no generic rule. For example, it is NOT the same whether a domain links to 1,000 subpages, or whether 1,000 domains link to a subpage. That’s why it’s always recommended for using the Site-Wide filter in LinkResearchTools.


  1. Link Removal Tool:

Link Removal is optimistically something you’ll by no means should undergo. Unfortunately, it’s far a need for websites that have been hit with a penalty from Google’s Penguin set of rules. It may be pretty time-ingesting, however, in the end, can reinvigorate your site and supply it a new rent of life.

Link Removal also can be utilized even if you haven’t been hit with a penalty. You may have bought a few hyperlinks in the beyond, been on the wrong end of a terrible search engine marketing attack or actually have your content material posted on a couple of websites and these links can nevertheless affect you. Removing those can do without a doubt no harm and could hold you within the top books with Google.

So above are the few basic tools that could be used to create a strong SEO. Using tools for this would be beneficial & won’t consume more of time.

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