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BI Outscourcing

BI Outsourcing

Your single stop for expert BI solutions, BI consulting, development and analytics services in India

Oriences Technology Services, backed by 10+ years of Business intelligence development experience, has proved extremely helpful to many industries in taking right technology decisions.

As just extending technologies and tools alone isn't useful, and it is essential to have the knowledge to put them in a right path, Oriences Technology Services aids by offering reliable BI development services to address data challenges faced by many organisations worldwide.

Outsourcing your projects to Oriences Technology Services will help you to design, build and maintain Business intelligence softwares depending on various technologies that generate healthy business. Oriences Technology Services specializes in meeting the business goals through IBM BI tools.

Our offshore BI consulting, development ,integration and Implementation services:

1. Roadmap and Strategy

2. Rationalization Tool evaluation services

3. BI assessment study, analysis and BI reports

4. BI architecture and reporting services

5. BI competency center

6. Third party BI integration facility

IBM power BI capabilities enable employees to share the required data among each other which cuts down the burden on IT professionals and management as they are easy tools blended with greater flexibility.

Be it BI development India or Business development software services Oriences Technology Services helps resonate a perfect framework, justifiable strategies and workable techniques that will certainly connect the client's business way to success.

Rely on Oriences Technology Services for your dreams polished into reality while we rely on the most efficient Business intelligence Software, the IBM Business Intelligence.

Oriences Technology Services is the largest technology group and it has the best outsourcing team in the world, which owns a capacity to provide inventive IBM business intelligence solutions India that help clients meet the growing market.

1. Cognos

2. Datastage

3. ETL programming

4. Logistics Programming and BI analysis

5. BI documentation and reporting services

6. Effective SQL query designing

7. Data warehouse designing

8. Surrogate Keys and Data cube tasks

9. Star and snowflakes use

10. Custom BI software solutions and BI reports

11. Business intelligence Diagnostics

12. Event monitoring and Enterprise Metrics management

Oriences Technology Services's team has the capability to provide innovative IBM business intelligence solutions and technology services as per growing market needs. It is impossible for large organizations to manage large data files. Oriences Technology Services brings all data together for optimum business growth and high performance delivery.

We are proud to have strong track record of successful projects and best practices and our partnership with IBM. We also analyze reporting needs of your business through intuitive BI tools and powerful reporting environment. We specialize in meeting your business goals with IBM BI tools, keeping in mind all the time that our custom satisfaction is our prime focus.